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Welcome to the 2022 Grand Rapids Cup

Champions and Finalists

Champions and Finalists for the 2021 Grand Rapids Cup

Div Champion Finalist
U08B_GOLDMidwest United FC Boys 2014 RoyalMidwest United FC Boys 2014 White
U09B_GOLDMFA Revolution 2013 BlackPASS FC 2013 Boys
U10B_GOLDNationals Oakland 2012 Boys RedDCFC West 12B Rouge
U11B_GOLDMFA Revolution 11B BlackMichigan Tigers 2011B Gold
U11B_SILVERMidwest United FC KW 12 RedMichigan Jaguars '11 Black
U12B_GOLDMidwest United 2010 Boys RedMichigan Tigers 2010B Gold
U12B_SILVERMichigan Tigers 2010B SilverMidwest United FC 10 Boys White
U13B_SILVERPlymouth Reign 09 Boys GreenAYSO United GEO 09B
U14B_GOLDCW3 08 Boys GreenMichigan Jaguars U14 United Boys
U15B_GOLDMidwest United FC 2007B RoyalMFA Revolution 07' Black
U09-10G_GOLDMidwest United FC 2013 Girls RoyalUSA Red 2012
U09-10G_SILVERPASS FC-2012 U10BC Fire SC 2012 Blue
U11G_GOLDMichigan Tigers 2011G GoldMidwest United 2011 Girls Royal
U11G_SILVERWest MI StormMidwest United 2012 Girls Royal
U13G_GOLDMichigan Jaguars 2009 United GirlsMidwest United 2009 Girls ECNL
U13G_SILVERMichigan Jaguars FC 2009 Huron Valley Girls GreenDBSS Sting 2009 Blue Girls
U14G_GOLDNationals Genesee 08 Girls BlackMidwest United 08 Girls Royal
U14G_SILVERRoyal Oak FC 08 Girls GreenPASS FC 08G
Showcase_GoldMidland Fusion 03/04 GreenLakeshore Premiere SC 04
Showcase_SilverAYSO UNITED GEO 03 ELITEMidwest United FC White U16G


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